Want to get in contact with the Bitcoinference press officer?

If you want to contact us, and/or buy a ticket, you will first have to install the Ricochet Messenger. Otherwise we can't answer you ... (thanks to the filter bubble) So please first install the Ricochet Messenger, and send us your Ricochet ID in the mail? So that we can connect to you. Please make sure to keep your Ricochet Messenger running. It can take some time before we answer. When installing on the Mac, after downloading the DMG-image, please move it to the desktop, before starting it! Ricochet Messenger is available on Windows, Linux & Mac.

Dear Gmail users, you are inside the filter bubble. Unfortunately Google is not able to provide you with a decent mailservice and spamfilter. This means that when sending us a message our replies tend to end up in your spamfolder! So after sending us a message from your Gmail powered addresses, please keep checking your spam folders for our replies! Or, even better, use a non-Gmail powered mailservice to send us a message.

Send e-mail to press@bitcoinference.com